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The Learning Consultants:

Over 25 Top Teachers and

Educational Advisors

The Learning Consultants recruits only the best and brightest teachers in their respective fields.

Our programs uniquely transform students by energizing their academic performance while also inspiring them.

The Learning Consultants has been retained by numerous school systems and top private schools to bring our programs in-house and by thousands of families across Connecticut.

We have been featured in media outlets such as Business Week, WMRD Radio, and The Hartford Courant.

The Learning Consultants is among the fastest-growing companies in Eastern Connecticut, and the largest privately held educational consultancy in Connecticut.

The Learning Consultants is the choice for families seeking out tutoring and test prep needs for their children in Connecticut.

In recent developments...

Pfizer, Inc. has selected The Learning Consultants as the educational consultancy of its choice for its employee benefit programs. If you are a Pfizer employee, please ask us about the Pfizer program.

The Williams School (New London, CT), The Grove School (Madison, CT), Valley Regional High School (Essex, Deep River, Chester, CT), Old Saybrook High School and other schools have retained The Learning Consultants to run in-house test prep programs.

Our Management Team

Daryl Capuano

Chief Executive Officer

Daryl founded The Learning Consultants Group to improve student performance and inspire students to reach their full potential.

Daryl graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Georgetown University, where he graduated number one in his concentration and was the Outstanding Student in his department.

Daryl earned a dual degree: a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where he was named to Who's Who in American Law Students, and a master’s degree from Penn's Fels Center of Government. Daryl also earned a prestigious Equal Justice Foundation Fellowship, for which he served at The Brookings Institute, the nation's top think tank.

After Penn Law, Daryl was appointed an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia where he worked on high profile homicide appeals. Thereafter, Daryl moved to Washington, DC and served the United States as enforcement attorney with the Securities and Exchange Commission where he led the investigation into one of the largest financial frauds in history.

After serving as an associate with one of the nation's largest law firms, Daryl became Vice-President and General Counsel for Mindgrow, an A&E television-funded new media-education company.

In order to pursue his interest in education and to focus directly on helping students reach their potential, Daryl founded The Learning Consultants Group.

Daryl has been featured in national magazines such as Business Week and Online Learning and local media such as The Hartford Courant and WMRD Radio. Daryl has also published numerous articles in national magazines on various educational issues.

In addition to running The Learning Consultants, Daryl is a professor of Constitutional Law as well as several other college courses related to law and government.

Daryl is a featured speaker on educational issues on a local and national level.

Daryl, lives in Old Saybrook, CT with his wife and three children, and can be reached at (860) 510-0410 or via email at

Jean Card

Director of The Learning Consultants Madison Branch

Jean counsels and tutors students in a variety of areas and spearheads the Student Mastery Program in the Shoreline, CT, area.

Jean has extensive experience interacting with families and students through her years as a clinical therapist and social worker. Her experience includes counseling youths with ADD, depression and other issues that affect performance. Jean received her MSW from Boston College and her B.A. from Colby College.

Blending her social work and education backgrounds, Jean has led the test prep and tutoring programs for the Learning Consultants at The Grove School in Madison, CT, as well as the student orientation and Student Mastery Program at The Williams School in New London, CT.

Jean has given presentations across the Shoreline, CT, area in a variety of areas including Student Mastery, test prep, and general student motivation.

Jean recently has presented at the College Fair in Madison, CT, and to the Guidance Office at Daniel Hand High School in Madison, CT.

Paul Borgese

Chief Adivsor of Educational Programming

Paul brings an international background to his work as the chief designer for educational programming at The Learning Consultants.

Paul attended the University of Pennsylvania, where he graduated magna cum laude in both finance (The Wharton School) and English.

He also holds master’s degrees from Cambridge University in England, where he was a British Marshall Scholar, the University of Pennsylvania Fels School, and the New York University Business School. Hehas lectured and written books, articles and white papers on a wide range of educational topics.

Teaching and Educational Advisory Staff

The Learning Consultants has been growing rapidly in the past two years and currently retains over 25 top teachers on staff.

Our staff includes teachers with expertise in chemistry, physics, French, Spanish, math, English, and history.

Many are considered among the best teachers and educational advisors in Shoreline Connecticut. Some of our staff:

Learn Why Our Teachers Are Better

Our experienced Connecticut teaching and tutoring team includes:

Laura Anderson

Spanish and French tutoring

Old Saybrook, CT

Peter Barres

Algebra I, II, Geometry tutoring

Mystic, CT

Jesse Brockwell

Algebra I, II, SAT Math tutoring

Old Lyme, CT

Jennifer Brodeur

Reading tutoring,Study skills,SSAT tutoring

Old Saybrook, CT

Ashley Cotton

SAT Math tutoring

Madison, CT

Nils Dailey

Alg I, II tutoring

Guilford, CT

Matt Flemming

MCAT test prep; science tutoring

New Haven, CT

Jon Floman

Math and test prep tutoring

Madison, CT

Ilya Gofman

New Haven, CT

SAT/ACT/SSAT Test prep

Karin Gosselink

Writing tutoring

Clinton, CT

Lori Grace

Chemistry, Biology tutoring

Westbrook, CT

Courtney Jason

Math tutoring

Old Saybrook, CT

Johanna Knight

Math tutoring

New Haven, CT

Kristina Knobelsdorff

SAT reading, Writing tutoring

Old Saybrook, CT

Margo Linton

Math tutoring

New London, CT

Laura Labucki

Math tutoring

Branford, CT

Brenda Maselli

SAT Math, Algebra I, Chemistry tutoring

Old Saybrook, CT

Cheri Meier

Latin tutoring

East Lyme, CT

Amy O'Neal

Science tutoring

Mystic, CT

Kathleen O'Reilly

writing tutoring and SAT tutoring

Mystic, CT

Jeff Parkinson

Math tutoring

East Lyme, CT

Leonard Salter

Chemistry and Physics tutoring

Ledyard, CT

James Symons

Math tutoring

Lyme, CT

Robyn Webb

Study Skills tutoring

Old Saybrook, CT

Peter Wood

SAT prep

Madison, CT

We are in the process of hiring top tutors in Connecticut. If you are one or know of any that would like to work for Connecticut's top tutoring organization and who live in Southeastern, CT, please have them contact us.


 The Learning Consultants
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